How do I import prospects into my deal flow pipeline?

Enterprise subscribers to Seraf's Deal Flow Management can import prospects using an Excel template. Save time and effort by uploading many entries simultaneously. This can be used to load historical deal flow, prospects you'd like to continue to track, or current opportunities that may have come through a source other than your Seraf application form. 

First, be sure your pipeline and deal flow process has been set up. Then, follow these instructions to import your deal flow prospects:

  • Go to Deal Flow and select the tab for Imports. (Note this tab is only available to Primary Account holders and those users who have been granted Administrator access)
  • Download the spreadsheet template file. 
  • Follow the instructions in the template to record your entries.
  • Once ready to upload your file, return to the Deal Flow / Imports tab.
  • Select the Fund with which the entries should be connected, if relevant.
  • Follow the steps on the webpage to select your file and finalize the import.

Once your data has been imported, you'll find it in your Pipeline.

Here are a few helpful tips for importing:

  • Your prospect template correlates to what you have set up in your deal flow process. Customize your deal flow process to update the fields in your template.
  • You can only add one industry, but there are other fields noted where you can add multiple entries, separated by a ; (semicolon).
  • The Submitted Date field is necessary to have data entered in it if you'd like for the prospect to be included in the Dashboard metrics for the current quarter and year.
  • If you import a prospect that has become an investment, be sure to convert the prospect into a company to then track the investment made in the company.
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