How can I find my percent ownership of the company in my Seraf account?

Seraf enables you to track your % ownership in portfolio companies by recording key data points: the number of company shares outstanding and the number of shares owned by you.

You can find your percentage ownership, or share of the company, by visiting the Portfolio tab of Portfolio Analysis. In the chart, Company Values, you will find your % of Total, which refers to the number of shares you own as a percentage of the total number of shares outstanding for each company in which you are a shareholder. 

Note that in order for the % of Total column to calculate, you must enter the number of Shares Outstanding for each company as well as the number of Shares for each stock-related transaction.

To learn more about Portfolio Analysis, click here. Note that our advanced analytics are only available to Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise customers. To upgrade your account or to see a list of additional features at these account levels, log into your account, visit Account Management, and select Upgrade.

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