What does the Portfolio tab show in Portfolio Analysis?

The Portfolio page, found within Seraf’s Portfolio Analysis section, gives you insights into the growth of your portfolio over time. Seraf graphically shows you the total amount of capital invested over a specified date range, the value of your portfolio based on the most recent rounds of financing, your % ownership, and any capital returned to you from any of your investments. Seraf also compiles your unrealized IRR so that you can see the potential of your investment returns. Additionally, Seraf shows you a schedule of investments by round so that you can see how much you’ve allocated to initial rounds versus follow on rounds of financing.

Furthermore, Enterprise clients have access to charts for outcomes by length of investment based on exit multiples as well as years to exit and if the exit was positive or negative.

Seraf's advanced analytics are available to Advanced, Professional and Enterprise clients. To upgrade your account or to see a list of additional features at these account levels, log into your account, visit Account Management, and select Upgrade.

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