Where do I go to see my valuations?

Once you add new valuations to your account (and run the calculation update for Enterprise users), your entire account will reflect them. To give you a complete overview of your portfolio, your valuations appear in many parts of your Seraf account, including the Dashboard, Current Investments (Value by Company, Fund, and Round), Exits & Returns (Remaining Value and Unrealized IRR), and throughout the charts and graphs in Portfolio Analysis.

You will even find a Valuations tab within Portfolio Analysis which summarizes all the valuations currently active, by Company and Fund, as well as the new price, methodology, date, cost basis, multiple of cost basis and unrealized IRR.

To see the history of valuations recorded, go to Portfolio Management and select the Valuations tab for Companies or Funds and click an icon on the top right to export an Excel or CSV file.

Furthermore, each company page displays the Valuation History graphically over time, as long as more than one valuation has been recorded (i.e. more than 1 stock round with share price entered or individual valuation added). As with many charts and graphs in Seraf, you can hover over data points to get more detail. For Enterprise accounts, the detail behind this graph can be found on the Investment tab within the company profile under the section for Valuation History.

Note that only Professional and Enterprise clients can add and view valuations. Enterprise account members can view valuation history on the Company profile page once more than one valuation has been recorded.

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