How do I enter multiple contacts?

There are two ways to add company contacts to Seraf, via Direct Input or via Import.

To add a company contact via Direct Input:

  • Go to Portfolio Management and select the tab for Companies.
  • Create a new company by selecting the button for “Add Company” or edit an existing company record by selecting the pencil icon in the appropriate row.
  • In the section for Contacts, select the button for “Add Contact”.
  • Enter the Contact Role from the drop-down list provided or select New Category, which will then allow you to create your own custom Contact Role. Note that each custom contact role created will be added to your list of contact roles, available to use across all contacts in your portfolio.
  • Enter the other relevant fields. Not all fields need to be completed.
  • Save your record by scrolling to the end of the company page and selecting “Save” or add another contact by selecting the button for “Add Another Contact”. 

To add a company contact via Import: 

Learn how to view you contacts.
Learn how to sort and filter your contacts.

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