What does Seraf offer for document storage and record-keeping?

Seraf offers two ways to safely store, organize, and access your important investment documents:

  • Documents - The Documents section of Seraf enables you to save your deal documents and investment files by company, round, and date, as well as categorize them by type, such as Deal Document, Investor Report, or Financial Statement, among others. You can upload documents or email them to your account using your Seraf-generated email address. You can set viewing permissions to keep them private or, if you invest as part of a group or fund, you can allow others to view them as well. 

  • Link to Documents - You can link your Seraf account to your cloud-based storage system, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This way, you can easily access your files without physically uploading them to your Seraf account. Learn more about Linking to Documents.

Note that individual account holders have a combined Documents & Reports section. 

Document Storage is available to our Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise Clients. To upgrade your account or to see a list of additional features at these account levels, log into your account, visit Account Management, and select Upgrade.


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