How do I edit or delete an investment account in my Enterprise account?

To edit or delete an investor's investment account from your group account, follow these steps:

  • Go to Investor Management.
  • Select the tab for Investment Accounts.
  • Find the investment Account name you'd like modify or delete and click the pencil icon next to it.
  • Type in your changes, as applicable.
  • Select or de-select the check box to indicate if this is the default investment account for the investor.
  • Click "Saveto save your revised account name or "Delete" to permanently remove the investment account. 


* Do not use special characters, such as & ( ) " ', in the name of investment accounts.

* Prior to deleting an investment account, first check to see if there are any transactions associated with it. You can see the # of transactions associated with each investor's investment account on the Investment Accounts page in Investor Management. Click on the number in the Transactions column to be brought to the actual transactions. From there you can edit them with the pencil icon to switch investment accounts, if needed. 

* If you delete an investment account with transactions associated with it, those transactions will be reassigned to the default investment account for the investor.

* You cannot delete an investor's default investment account. There must always be an investment account associated with an investor.

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