Where can I find a list of investors in each company, round or fund?

Enterprise account admins can view a list of investors in each company, fund and round on the tab for Investors when they view the specific page for each company, fund and round. These pages can be accessed simply by clicking on the name of a company, fund or round from anywhere in Seraf, but may be most easily accessed from Current Investments or Portfolio Management.
The Investors tab shows a list of all the current investors, the account under which they made the investment, and their holdings by Basis, Shares, and Value. Investors who have exited their holdings in the entity will also appear on the list, however they will have no current entries on the schedule. Each column is sortable and the whole table can be exported.

This page is particularly useful when verifying information and adding new transactions, especially when using Investment Accounts and/or the import template. When exported, the data can be used to easily populate the import template to expedite the addition of new transactions, such as follow-on investments, note conversions, or exits. To save a step, the exported data also contains the investor email address, which is required when using the import template.

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