How do I set the stage or status of a company?

Seraf lets you mark the ​"Stage​"​, or status, of each company in your portfolio for better tracking. ​​Within the company record, accessed from the Company page in Portfolio Management or many other places in your account, you can mark each company a​t its appropriate deal flow stage or based on how it is performing in your portfolio. You and your investors, when applicable, can tell which company is New, in Due Diligence, Succeeding, or among the Walking Dead. There are numerous options​ available​​, including​ "New Category"​, w​here you can enter your own​ custom description. You can select the stage when you add a new company or when you edit an existing company by choosing a category from the drop-down menu. 

Note that if you are using the stage to track deal flow or any other company detail, you can view and sort the Stage field across all companies in Portfolio Management and export the records to do additional off-line analysis or reporting. Enterprise customers can also use this filter on the Contacts page in Portfolio Management as well as the Custom Analysis page in Portfolio Analysis.

If you'd like to fully manage your deal flow with investment pipeline tools, analysis and reporting, please check out Seraf's Deal Flow Management for Enterprise accounts.

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