What do I need to do before activating Investor Accounts in an Enterprise Account?

Here are some things you may want to consider doing prior to activating Investor Accounts to ensure the accuracy of information:

  • Verify account names show correctly in Investor Management.
  • Verify email addresses are accurate in Investor Management.
  • Verify investment accounts, if any, show correctly in Investor Management. Select the tab for Investment Accounts to see the account(s) for each investor. 
  • Verify that investors’ transactions (investments) are attributed to the correct investment accounts. From the Investment Accounts tab in Investor Management, you'll find a list of each investment account. Click the transaction count to see a list of all the associated transactions. Note that for investors in funds, the Investment Account should be marked as the appropriate fund. You can make changes to any transaction by selecting the pencil icon to edit.
  • Review the Investor Metrics tab found in Portfolio Analysis to get a sense for the performance of your investors’ individual portfolios. 
  • Depending on the level of detail added, you may want to check that company and fund records are complete, rounds and transactions entered accurately, and relevant documents uploaded and marked with the appropriate visibility setting.
  • Review any overdue reports and snooze or hide them if you don't want your investors to see which are outstanding.

Learn how to activate an investor's account.

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