How do I manage my Investors' expectations with regard to managing their accounts in Seraf?

As an Enterprise Group Account Manager, it is very important to have good communications with your investors. When managing a Seraf Enterprise Account with active investor accounts, it is important to clearly articulate expectations with your investors. This way they will know exactly who is responsible for providing what and when. Here are a few tips for helping you set and manage your investors' expectations:

  • Set expectations with your investors regarding:
    • Who will enter information on behalf of the organization
    • What investment information will be added by the Enterprise Account Manager (i.e. companies, rounds, transactions, deal documents)
    • Which portfolio company or fund reports and financials will be uploaded by the Enterprise Account Manager
    • When information will be added (i.e. after receiving closing documents, at quarter end)
    • What information investors can add (i.e. upload document such as deal notes, copy of share certificate)
    • What information you will need from them, if anything
  • Indicate to whom investors should direct questions
    • Specify to whom investors should direct account questions pertaining to investments in their Enterprise Seraf account

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