How do I get prospects to show up in my "ACTIVE" pipeline?

In order to have a prospect company show on the ACTIVE tab of your pipeline, you need to mark its Deal Flow Stage as one that is included in your funnel, as shown in your deal flow settings.

How to edit your deal flow funnel:

  • Go to Deal Flow/Settings.
  • Click on the name of your deal flow process. 
  • Click the pencil icon next to the header for Deal Flow Stage Configuration.
  • In the Key column, indicate whether a deal flow stage is part of your deal flow funnel, or your ACTIVE Pipeline, by adding or removing the word "funnel" as a prefix. A deal flow stage marked as "funnel", for example "funnel-new", will show in the Pipeline pie chart on your Deal Flow Dashboard, while those that are not marked as "funnel" will show in the Prospect Outcomes chart.

Note: Seraf's Deal Flow Management is available only to Enterprise accounts who subscribe to it.

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