How do I invite existing Seraf clients to join my Enterprise account?

When adding an investor to your Enterprise account, sometimes you may find that their email address cannot be added since they are already an existing Seraf client. This means that the investor associated with the email address may have a personal account to which they've subscribed, or they could be connected to another investment group or fund, which may or may not have yet activated the investor account.

It is best to reach out to directly to confirm that you can "invite" them to join your organization. Please provide the email address and name of the investor you'd like to invite in your email. 

Once you've been given the okay from Seraf to invite them, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Investor Management
  • Click the tab for "Invite Seraf Clients"
  • Enter the email address of your investor
  • Review and edit the automated message that will be sent to the investor along with a link to join your Enterprise account
  • Click "Send"
  • Once your investor accepts the invitation to join, the primary account holder will receive an email. At that point, you will see the investor listed in Investor Management, under the name associated with their existing Seraf account. 

Note that if an email address is associated with a fund account or an administrator of any account type, you cannot invite the individual associated with the email address to join your Enterprise account. 

Should any of your investors / LPs wish to sign up for their own personal Seraf account, directly connected to your Enterprise account or not, we'd be happy to extend them a 50% discount off of our annual professional plan simply for being a part of your organization. Please reach out to for details.

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