Portfolio Management for Family Offices

Seraf offers portfolio management solutions for family offices investing through a variety of structures. Whether your family office invests on behalf of multiple members or through a single entity, Seraf provides professional software to help you manage your portfolio of startup companies and VC fund positions. 

We understand that private, early stage investments may co-exist alongside other types of investments and that you're juggling many tasks, so we've created a secure, streamlined dashboard where you can:

  • Manage your pipeline of incoming deals
  • Track direct investments in each startup company
  • Manage LP positions in VC funds
  • Update valuations regularly for a comprehensive view of your portfolio
  • Get data-driven insights into performance to optimize returns
  • View KPIs and other key metrics, such as IRR and MOIC
  • Store documents so everything is consolidated in one place
  • Monitor upcoming dates, like note conversions, warrants expirations and escrow payouts
  • Generate reports to share with family members and advisers

Seraf's comprehensive deal flow and portfolio management tools provide a simple, professional way to track your family office's early stage portfolio. 

Read more about how Seraf can help your family office, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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