Portfolio Management for Angel Groups

Seraf provides a comprehensive portfolio management platform for angel groups, angel clubs and angel networks worldwide. We understand firsthand the complexities of operating an angel group and offer powerful tools to meet those needs at an affordable price. 

Whether you're managing 20 members or 200, Seraf helps you screen opportunities, and track, analyze, and report on your entire portfolio of startup investments. Teams can consolidate all of their holdings in one secure dashboard and give individual portal access to each member for added value and transparency. Seraf supports a variety of investing structures, including direct investments, SPVs and funds.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and turn to Seraf for data-driven insights! Improve investing decisions and collaborate more effectively with our suite of streamlined portfolio software tools. 

Seraf's angel group portfolio management software helps you:

  • Manage your pipeline of incoming deals
  • Track direct investments in each startup company
  • Update valuations regularly for a comprehensive view of your portfolio
  • Get data-driven insights into performance to optimize returns
  • Grant portal access to each member for greater engagement
  • View KPIs and other key metrics, such as IRR and MOIC
  • Store documents so everything is consolidated in one place
  • Monitor upcoming dates, likes warrants expirations and escrow payouts
  • Generate reports to share with members and key stakeholders

Seraf's comprehensive deal flow and portfolio management tools provide a simple, professional way to track your angel group portfolio. 

Read more about how Seraf can help your angel group, or contact us to schedule a demo.

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