What kind of investors can use Seraf's portfolio management software?

Since 2014, Seraf has offered portfolio management software for all types of early stage investors, including:

  • VC Funds
  • Family Offices
  • Angel Networks
  • Angel Funds
  • Impact Funds
  • Corporate Funds
  • Wealth Managers
  • Angel Investors
  • Universities

Designed by active, early stage investors with over 30 years experience in portfolio management, Seraf efficiently handles the complexities of today's early stage investment landscape. 

Seraf guides you through a few easy steps to get your portfolio up and running quickly. And with the launch of deal flow tracking in 2022, customers can now manage the entire investment process end-end, from first contact through exit. 

Successful investing requires active engagement, so Seraf gives you visibility into your pipeline and portfolio so you can track, analyze, and report on your early stage investments while accessing documents and key insights.

Seraf's comprehensive deal flow and portfolio management tools provide a simple, professional way to track your portfolio and report out to stakeholders.

Learn more about Seraf's suite of tools to manage your portfolio, or visit our Plans & Pricing page for details.



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