Does Seraf offer portfolio management software for impact funds?

Seraf offers professional portfolio management software for all types of early stage investors, including impact funds and organizations focused on ESG goals.

Seraf's comprehensive platform combines decades of experience in early stage investing with emerging best practices from leading impact investors. Track investments, monitor valuations, store documents, analyze results and generate reports, all with an eye towards maximizing impact.

Creating impact through early stage investing starts with a successful due diligence process. To support that process, Seraf also offers pipeline management tools so impact funds can engage with companies even earlier in the process. 

Our software enables impact organizations to customize KPIs and measure performance across key impact goals. With Seraf you can conduct analysis, get data-driven insights into performance, and quickly create reports to share with stakeholders to ensure alignment with key ESG goals.

Learn more about how Seraf can help your impact fund, or contact us to schedule a demo.

As a proud supporter of impact investing, Seraf also offers thoughtful articles, interviews with inspiring impact investors, and downloadable templates.

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