How can I find out how actively my investors are logging into Seraf?

Enterprise Administrators can view the date of last login of all investors listed in their account by visiting Investor Management. There, they can sort for the last login date to check the level of investor engagement by sorting the Seraf Access column. Based on the date of last login, administrators can actively reach out to those investors who may not have logged in recently, resend an activation email to those who may have never logged in, or acknowledge those who logged in recently. Note that you can export the page to access the names, email addresses and dates, should you wish to do any offline analysis or communication.

By keeping Seraf up to date and regularly sharing investor reports and company updates, your investors will know where to consistently access their investment information. Plus, accounts subscribed to Deal Flow can share access with investors and expect a higher level of active logins. Be sure to remind your investors to log into Seraf with your next communication. 

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