How to set up your account (for Advanced and Professional subscribers)

Navigate to Account Management and follow these instructions to set up your individual Seraf account as an Advanced or Professional user. 

Login Information

Under the section for Login Information, click the button to "Update Login". This is where you can change your username and change your password. You can also select your time zone and review Seraf’s Terms of Use.

Account Settings

Under the section for Account Settings, click the button to "Update Settings" to add or change other personal information, including the following items: 

  • Basic Information: update your name (reflected on the top right corner when logged in), primary email, phone number, and notes
  • Seraf Settings: select your preferred currency by choosing one from the dropdown. USD is set as the default currency. You can also choose to hide overdue notices, if you do not plan to save investor reports or financial statements in your account.
  • Address: add your address and alternate email or phone number
  • Contacts: record additional contacts such as family members, advisors, or accountants. 

Go to the tab for Notifications to turn on email notifications for important date reminders you set. Specify which email address(es) should receive the notification. This will inform the recipient of upcoming Important Dates.

Investment Account(s) (Professional level only)

If you invest under different accounts, such as a company, trust or IRA, you can add them as Investment Accounts. Learn how to add an investment account to track investments under multiple entities.

E-mail Address to Submit Investment Documents

In addition to uploading documents to Seraf, you can generate your own Seraf email address to forward them directly to your account. Documents can be stored at the account level, or filed under a specific company for future reference. 

Document Storage

View your total and remaining storage space available. Advanced users have 1GB ad Professional users have 5GB of storage space available to store important documents

Refer a Colleague

If you like Seraf and want to refer our software to your friends or colleagues, you will both receive 30 days free by using the 5-character Promo Code shown in your account. 


View your subscription level and renewal date with the option to update your credit card information. Advanced users can upgrade their account to access additional features, including the ability to add investment accounts, record fund investments, and add valuations to reflect the value of current holdings. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our Enterprise level with advanced features, including deal flow, KPIs, custom analysis, and reporting for funds, investment groups, and family offices.


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