How do I add a new document or file?

Seraf offers two easy ways to add documents and other files to your account for safe-keeping and future reference. 

  • Upload a Document - Use the “Add New” button on the left side menu bar from any page in your account to quickly add context-sensitive documents. Just select Document from the dropdown list. Fill out the required fields, select the document from your computer, and click Save. Follow these step by step instructions. If you have multiple records to upload, consider making them into a zip file, and upload that one file to save time. Keep in mind Seraf's uploaded document file size restriction.
  • Email a Document - You can email a document directly from your own personal inbox using your Seraf generated email address. Once emailed, you will see a notification on your Dashboard indicating you have emails / records waiting to be filed. Just click through to Documents (or Documents & Reports for individual users) and associate the document with any company or fund you like. Keep in mind Seraf's emailed document file size restrictions.

Note that individual account holders not affiliated with an enterprise group on Seraf will have their documents saved in a section labeled Documents & Reports. 

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