How do I know what level of service is right for my needs?

Seraf offers multiple levels of service for individual investors as well as an Enterprise version.

Seraf Basic Portal (legacy users only) is for smaller less active portfolios. Seraf Basic Portfolio gives you an organized view of your portfolio with transaction level detail and basic analytics. It also allows you to track important dates, such as convertible note maturity dates. Seraf Portfolio is not a fit for investors who want to keep their documents and investor records online, track warrants or options, manage tax issues, or receive news updates on companies.

Seraf Advanced Portal provides you with all of the Basic features, plus the ability to store and access up to 1 GB of documents, such as investor reports, closing binders, diligence notes, and stock certificates. It also allows you to track warrants and options, as well as tax issues.  Another benefit is the ability to print reports, which can be very useful when working with advisors.  Seraf Advanced is a good fit for a single-account investor with straight-forward portfolio management needs and no tax planning vehicles or advanced analytics requirements.

Seraf Professional Portal gives you everything that the Advanced Portal has to offer, plus the ability to track fund investments and investments made under multiple accounts, such as an IRA or Revocable Trust, or other family or charitable account. It also allows you to use up to 5GB of data for storing investment documents. If you are a more experienced investor with many investments, then you may need this level of service to store all of your documents. In addition, the Professional Portal provides you with advanced portfolio analytics and the ability to set valuations to better reflect the value of your holdings. Another feature available at this level is data export in Excel or CSV format which can allow you to transfer records electronically and avoid the need to scan or print and mail hard-copies.

Seraf Enterprise Portal is available for angel groups, funds, family offices and small venture capital groups wanting a portfolio tracking solution. This level of service offers all of the features available to individuals in addition to multi-user support and greater storage capacity for documents (50 GB, with more available by custom arrangement). The Seraf Enterprise Portal enables early stage investment groups to easily manage their portfolios at an aggregate level while simultaneously tracking individual member investments. Groups can even provide members with access to their personal records and investment documents. For more information on this level, including pricing, please contact us directly at

Regardless of which level of service you sign up for initially, you may upgrade to a higher level of service at any time. For more information about upgrading, click here.

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