How do I change my default currency?

Seraf enables customers to manage their portfolio in any single currency.

To change the currency of your entire portfolio on Seraf:

  • Go to Account Management.
  • Under Account Settings, select "Update Settings".
  • Under Seraf Settings, select your Preferred Currency from the list of available currencies in the drop down menu.
  • Make the necessary changes.
  • Save your updates.

Keep in mind that any investments you have already entered into Seraf will automatically be switched over to this new currency in a one for one format (e.g. If you entered a transaction for $10,000 and then switched to Euros, the transaction will now be 10,000 Euros). Conversions from one currency to another must be done manually, and you can record the details in the Memo field of each transaction. Note that you can only have one currency for the entire account.

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