How do I add my investments to Seraf?

Adding investments to Seraf is easy. Use the “Add New” button on the left side menu bar from any page in your account to quickly add entries one at a time. You can also add them in multiple using our Import template. Plus, Enterprise Accounts have the ability to add bulk transactions. Furthermore, subscribers to Seraf's Deal Flow Management solution have the option to make a prospect into a portfolio company directly from their deal flow pipeline.

Seraf requires that each direct investment in a company has a round and transaction associated with it. If you have multiple investments in the same company, you may need to add several rounds and transactions to track your holdings accordingly. If you invest in funds, you’ll follow a similar process by adding an investment fund and fund transactions.

Whether you're adding investments directly one at a time or in multiple via import, here are some instructions on how to do it. 

To add investments in Companies:

How do I add a Company?

How do I add a Round?

How do I add a Transaction?

To add investments in Investment Funds:

How do I add an Investment Fund?

How do I add an Investment Fund Transaction?

Seraf provides checklists that outline what information you need in order to add rounds and transactions, and where to find that information in your investor documents. Add as much information as you’d like, knowing that the more detail you add, the easier it will be to manage your investments in the future. You can always go back to edit or add additional information at any time.

Learn how to record exits.

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