How do I find details about a particular transaction?

There are multiple ways to access transaction details.

1. To find information about a particular transaction, select Current Investments from the left navigation. Click on a company name, such as Acme.  On the company page, select the Transactions Tab. At this point you will see a table of all of your transactions for that particular company. For details on a specific transaction, click on the transaction type, such as "Stock Purchase" or "Note Conversion".

2. Another way to get details about a transaction is to click on your Transaction Register, located on the left navigation. This will bring up a list of all your transactions, the most recent ones listed first. Once again, click on the transaction type for details.

3. A third way to access transaction details is to click on the Portfolio Management link, then the Transactions Tab. As above, click on a transaction type for more information.

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