How do I add more details to my investments?

Having detailed records is important not only for you as an investor, but also for your family and advisors. If you used Seraf's former Quick Add method to enter investments using the bare basics, you will need to edit your entries to add more detail.

In particular, go to the Rounds tab in Portfolio Management and look for any round name with Unspecified in it. Click the pencil icon to edit the record. Change the name of the Round to something more descriptive, like "Series A" or "Note 2018", then complete the remaining fields.

Note that Quick Add investments automatically defaulted to a share price of $1, so be sure to update the share price to what it actually was when you purchased your shares of stock to more accurately record your investment amount and shares received. Note that the round price is used to determine the current value of your investment. In fact, if there are multiple rounds entered for the same company, the share price of the round with the most recent date will be used to determine the current value of your holding in the company (by multiplying that share price by the number of shares indicated in your account). 

Next, you'll need to go to the Transactions tab in Portfolio Management and update the transaction(s) associated with the Round you updated. Click the pencil icon to edit the record. In particular, because Quick Add defaulted to Stock Purchase as the Transaction Type, you will want to make sure this field is correct. You will also need to edit the Shares and Share Price since Quick Add investments were automatically assigned a share price of $1. Once you've made your corrections, click Save.

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