How do I set up an email address for forwarding documents?

To set up an email address on Seraf for forwarding documents, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Account Management.
  • Scroll down to the section for E-mail address to submit investment documents. If this does not appear, then you must upgrade in order to access Document Storage.
  • Click the button for Generate new address.

This will create a unique email address associated with your Seraf account to which you can send emails and files for easy access. Simply send an email to your Seraf email address, and the next time you log into your account, your Dashboard will show a list of emailed documents waiting to be filed. Then, you can click through to Documents & Reports and associate each document with the appropriate entity.

We recommend you add your Seraf email address to your email contacts for future use.

Note that Enterprise Accounts and those of their members have Documents and Reports split apart as two separate menu items.

Learn how to email your documents directly to your Seraf account.
Learn how to file your emailed documents.

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