How can I use the Annual Stats charts to make better investing decisions?

The charts and tables in the Annual Stats section help you learn more about how your portfolio has changed year to year. Hover your pointer over the bar graphs to see more detail.

The first bar chart shows how much was invested and returned in the calendar year, in aggregate.

The next chart gives insight into investments, returns, and current value by year of investment. Think of this chart as a way to understand which years did best, much like a VC is interested in how their different venture funds performed. In an ideal portfolio, the Returned bar should eventually grow to be taller than the Invested bar in each year except the most recent years where your investments are still maturing. 

The third bar chart has individual investments stacked one on top of the other. This chart shows the same data as the first chart, but gives you a breakdown by company showing investment details as you skim over it.  

For a slightly different view, you can look at Annual Investments and Returns by Company. Want to know how much you invested each year and how many investments you made? Just hover over any bar to learn more.

And for a summary of all your investment activity by year, showing the number of investments, follow-on investments and exits, take a look at the table on the bottom of the page. 


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