How do I enter a Stock Swap?

In order to create a Stock Swap transaction, you will need to add a new round into which your existing shares will be swapped. Next, add a transaction. Select the Company and the Round from which you are swapping shares (in other words, the "old" round). Enter the date the swap occurred and select Stock Swap from the dropdown menu of Transaction Types.

Additional fields will appear. Enter the number of shares being swapped (again, this is the "existing" number of shares, not the new number). Select the new Round you will be receiving shares in and the New Share per Old Share ratio. (This is the new number of shares received for every share previously owned. For example, if you receive 5 new shares for each old share, enter the number “5”. If you receive 1 new share for 5 old shares, enter the number "0.2".)

If you have a new Share Certificate, you can enter the number. Be sure to save your record.

Keep in mind that for each stock swap you record, you'll need to create a transaction for each of the rounds you hold. So, if you hold shares of Series A, Series B, and Series C, you'll need to record a transaction for each round. Similarly, if you invest under multiple entities, you'll need to record a transaction for each entity that has a holding. The best spot to see a summary of your holdings for a particular company is the Investment tab within the company profile. 

Once a stock swap has been entered, you will be able to view your new holding from the Current Investments section of your account or by visiting the Investment tab of the company profile.

Enterprise accounts will need to Update Calculations in order to see the updated records.

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