What are Transaction IDs and why do I need them?

The Transaction ID is used by Seraf to import and track each individual transaction you upload using the spreadsheet template. Each Transaction ID must be a unique ID entered by you such that no other entry you make will have the same ID. If it is not unique, it will override any pre-existing entry with that same ID.

To ensure that your ID is unique, you can use this approach: Enter the company name, the round name, and the transaction type, followed by a number, for example, CompanyName_RoundName_TransactionType_1 or Newco_SeriesA_StockPurchase_1, Newco_SeriesA_StockPurchase_2.

Or if you are a fund account importing Investor Transactions, you can use FundI_Commitment_01, FundI_Commitment_02, FundI_Commitment_03 or FundI_Feb19Call_01, FundI_Feb19Call_02, etc. You can use any naming schema that you'd like as long as it is produces unique entries.

Once you complete the import process, your spreadsheet templates are stored in Documents & Reports under the Imports tab. If you choose to enter additional transactions using the import method, you can refer back to your naming schema at any time. Please note that Transaction IDs are only required when using the Import method. 

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