How do I set up Notifications for Important Date Reminders?

Seraf allows you to set notifications for Important Dates so that you can be aware of upcoming events and plan for any necessary action. You can have an email notification sent to your and/or others, according to the timing you schedule for each important date reminder you set.

If you'd like to receive email notifications related to each of the specific reminders you set for your Important Dates, please follow the below instructions.
To set up notifications
  • Go to Account Management
  • Click the button to Update Settings under the header for Account Settings
  • Click the tab for Notifications
  • Under the section for Notification Options, click the button to Turn on Email Notifications
  • Specify who should receive the email notifications by adding an email address or multiple separated by a comma in the section for Email Notification Settings
  • Save your settings
The notification email will include, when relevant, the important date, the name of the event, the company or investment fund it's associated with, the group or fund it's associated with, the type of reminder, and the associated memo. Important Date reminders scheduled for the same notification date will be grouped together in the same email.

Learn how to set reminders.
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