What happens when an investor leaves my Enterprise group?

When an investor is no longer a member of your organization, as an administrator, you can do one of several things:
1) Delete the investor's transactions and any documents saved under their name; then request that Seraf remove the investor profile entirely from your account.
2) Retain the data as part of your group metrics. 
a) Continue to provide access to the investor via their own Seraf login.
b) Request that Seraf Block access to the investor account so they can no longer login, but the data will remain under their investor profile for your access.
c) Move the investor data into a "Former Members" investor profile to free up a seat and keep all historical former members' data consolidated.

If you have several former members and do not want to use up a "seat" for each of them out of your limited # of spaces in your subscription, you could add a “Former Members” investor profile. Then edit the transactions of the inactive member(s) and save the records under the Former Member profile as the investor. You can add the investor’s name as an Investment Account within the Former Members investor profile, to track the investor's specific holdings. Or, if you track an account wide investment account (such as for an SPV or fund) via the investment account field in each transaction, then you should not set up the investor as a separate investment account. Rather, edit each transaction so Former Members is the investor, select the account wide investment account previously recorded, and add the name of the investor to the memo field should you ever need to go back to check on any records.

Once those transactions are moved out of the investor's account along with any documents in their name, then you can request that Seraf delete the investor account by providing the name and email address of the investor. The best way to check if there are any transactions under the investor's name is to go to the Transactions tab in Portfolio Management and do the same in the Documents section.
Note that if a former member of your group is an investor in another group on Seraf or if they've upgraded their account so that they are a paying customer of Seraf, then we may need to review the options since we can't fully block or delete their account, but would rather have to extract them from your group, unless you move their data into another investor account. 
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