Mini Demo for Individual Investors

Are you an individual investor interested in tracking your investments in early stage companies? Seraf has the tools just for you! Check out our mini demo for individual investors!

With Seraf, you can:

  • Record and track investments in companies and funds
  • Add investment accounts to record investments by multiple entities
  • Set valuations to reflect the current value of your holdings
  • Store deal documents for safe-keeping and easy retrieval
  • Set reminders and notifications for important dates
  • Monitor returns, IRR, and future payouts
  • Analyze investment performance over time with built-in analytics
  • Gain insights to drive future decisions and improve investment outcomes
  • Provide detailed reports to family, colleagues, co-investors and advisors

Seraf also offers advanced features for venture funds, family offices, angel networks and other investment organizations through our Enterprise offering. If you'd like to learn about Seraf's deal flow management, portfolio management, fund management, and investor management tools or if you're interested in tracking KPIs, having multiple administrators or providing portal access to LPs or other investors, please Contact Us to request a live Enterprise demo.

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