What is a Round in Seraf?

A Round refers to a series of funding when a company raises money (i.e. Seed, Series A, Convertible Note, SAFE). It often refers to a class of stock on the company’s capitalization table. The round name is typically noted in the deal documents, such as a Stock Purchase Agreement or Note Purchase Agreement. It is helpful to note the round in which you have an interest since there may be multiple rounds of financing and each has different terms associated with it, in particular exit preferences, which will determine the order of payout should your company have exit proceeds down the road. If you do not know the name of the round, check your documents or make up a name (e.g. Round 1 or Convertible Note 2018), knowing that you can always modify it later.

Learn how to add a Round.
Learn which security types Seraf records as rounds.

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