How do I add an Update to my Enterprise account?

Seraf enables Enterprise account holders to provide Updates as often as they’d like for each company in their portfolio. These updates are accessible to all activated investors in their account who have invested in the particular company to which the Update pertains, whether it be directly, through a fund or via another entity. You can request KPI updates from portfolio companies, which when submitted and approved become Updates. Plus, you can add an update directly for each company as explained below.

To add an Update directly:

  • Open a company page by clicking the name of the company from anywhere in your account.
  • Go to the Updates & KPIs tab at the top of the page (or just skip directly to the next step).
  • Use the Add New button on the left sidebar and select Company Update/KPIs from the list of options. Note that in order to add a Company Update / KPIs, you must first go to the company page, so the system understands to which company to add the update. 
  • Enter the Date of Update.
  • Enter the Name of Update, such as 2021 Q2.
  • If you’ve already specified key performance indicators, you can add the Actual Value and Target Value for each one.
  • Add a text-based Update. Use the formatting tools, as needed.
  • Click Save.

Note that Seraf automatically includes company-specific information in your Update when you view your Update. If you need to modify any information, just edit the company's profile

Learn how to view your Updates.
Learn what is automatically included in an Update report.
Learn how to add KPIs.
Learn how to create a report of multiple Updates for a specific time period.

Note that KPIs and Updates are only available to Enterprise accounts and their members.

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