How can I set up administrative users for my Seraf Enterprise Fund account?

As part of your annual subscription fee, primary account holders on Seraf's Fund platform can add as many administrative users to your account as you'd like to help manage the portfolio and deal flow, when applicable.

If you manage multiple funds from one account, administrative access is granted on a fund by fund basis. Each administrator has the ability to add or edit any data within that fund, but can not add / delete funds, add / revoke administrative access or change the billing on the account.

Fund accounts subscribed to Seraf's Deal Flow Management can opt to grant Deal Flow Advisor access to users to have the ability to accept, view and edit prospects, without having full administrative access. Plus, they can grant Deal Flow Observer access to users to simply view prospects without any ability to edit. Learn about the different types of administrative access for Fund accounts.

Administrative access can be provided to existing investors or you can add a new investor profile for the sole purpose of administering the account. In order to be assigned access, each administrator must be listed as an investor in Investor Management for each fund to which the user will be assigned access, even if they are not technically an investor. 

How to set up administrative access

  • Go to Investor Management.
  • Add a new investor (user), unless they are already listed.
  • Check the box next to the name of each person to whom you wish to give administrative access.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the table and click the button to "Change administrative privileges".
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the fund(s) and individual(s) to whom access should be granted.
  • Finally, notify the administrator(s) of their new role by sending a customized activation email. Note that when you activate an admin account from one fund, it activates their access to all the funds to which they've been granted access. Once your administrators receive these activation emails they can set up their own user names and passwords.

On the Overview tab of Investor Management, you will see an icon to the right of each admin indicating that they have administrative access, after you select a fund from the drop-down at the top of the page, if you have more than one fund. Administrative users have an icon with a person and a + symbol to indicate that they have full add/edit privileges. Deal Flow Advisors have an icon with a funnel symbol to indicate that they can assist with your deal flow funnel. Deal Flow Observers simply have an icon with an eye since they can only view the pipeline of opportunities.

Additional things to note regarding Administrative access: Reminders set by the administrator will only be visible to the administrator; documents emailed to the administrator's Seraf-generated email address will only be visible to the administrator until filed under a specific entity name; and, imported spreadsheets are saved at the Enterprise level, but the actual imports themselves are saved at the administrator level. Furthermore, administrators cannot add new funds nor can they create or remove administrative privileges, since these actions can only be done by the primary account holder.

How to set up notifications
Note that if you use notifications for important date reminders or if you subscribe to Seraf's Deal Flow and would like the new administrator to receive notifications of new applications submitted, the primary account owner will need to update these notifications to include the new recipient. See the above links for steps to do so.

If you'd like your new admin to be included in Seraf communications, please email Seraf support with the full name and email address of the admin and we'd be happy to include them in our quarterly newsletter mailing with links to your account statement, product features and user tips.

You can always reach out to us with any questions you may have that aren't otherwise addressed in our Help Center. And, if you or any of your team would like additional support, we offer live training sessions.

Learn how to change the Admin of your Seraf Enterprise account.

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