How do I record commitments, calls and distributions for my LPs?

To record commitments, calls, distributions and other capital account transactions for each LP, go to Fund Management. Navigate to the tab for Add Investor Transactions, where you will find three methods to add transactions: 

  • Add Individual Investor Transaction - Add transactions one by one directly into the screen. Select the investor's name followed by the transaction type, date and amount.
  • Add Multiple Investor Transactions - Enter the date of the transaction, select a transaction type, and then enter a single amount and have Seraf automatically allocate that across all LPs based on % ownership. 
  • Import Multiple Investor Transactions - Download Seraf's Excel template and import multiple commitments, calls, distributions, etc. in one upload for all of your LPs. This approach gives you maximum control to handle edge cases across many investors.

If you decide to use the Import Method, please note there is a 150 row limit per template/import. We frequently get asked about Transaction IDs on the Import template. These are unique IDs that you assign, such as FundI_Commitment_01, FundI_Commitment_02, FundI_Commitment_03, etc or FundI_Feb19Call_01, FundI_Feb19Call_02, etc. You can use any naming schema that you'd like so long as they are unique per row, and across all templates that you import. 

Learn how to establish % ownership for investors.

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