Seraf Update on Service and Support

Following is a letter sent to our customers on 3/19/2020.

We want to let you know that we're thinking of you, our customers, partners, and the greater investment community during this time of uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

Thank you for entrusting us with your portfolio management. As you already know, Seraf ensures your investment information and documents are safely stored so you can access them at any time from anywhere. We are seeing more than ever the need for remote access to key information, and we make working remotely accessible to our customers. In fact, much of the team at Seraf works remotely on a regular basis.

Our system was built on the principal of having all your info in one place, accessible anytime. Our service is always running, and our tech providers have ensured that service will remain uninterrupted, despite expected incremental usage. Our support team remains available as needed.

While this has not been an easy time for anyone in our community, we thank all of our dedicated customers, and partners for your commitment to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Warmest regards,  

The Seraf Team

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