How do I view fees?

Once investment fees or management fees are recorded in your account, you can see them in several places along with a tally for the Total Cash In related to your investments and entire portfolio. You will find Fees displayed in the following places:

  • Dashboard
    • Holdings
    • Returns since Inception
  • Portfolio Analysis
    • Portfolio tab - Company Valuations table (Pro and Enterprise only)
    • Key Metrics tab  
  • Company Record
    • Investors tab (Enterprise only)
    • Investment tab
  • Round Record
    • Investors tab (Enterprise only)
  • Investment Fund Record (Pro and Enterprise only)
    • Investors tab
  • Account Statements - Portfolio Holdings table
Line items for fees will only show in these places after you record fees and will not show otherwise.

When fees are recorded, you'll find a record of fee transactions in your Transaction Register and the Transactions page for a company, round and investment fund, when specified.

Fees are not included in the calculation of cost basis of an investment and do not factor into the returns multiple. They are, however, included in the Total Cash In calculation and are factored into the IRR.

Learn how to record fees.

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