How do I snooze an Overdue Report notice?

Seraf enables customers to keep track of which companies and investment funds have reported recently and those that are overdue for sharing an investor update or financial statement. Although Seraf defaults to a rolling 90 day period for tracking overdue reports, we know that companies may report monthly, annually or not at all.

On your Dashboard, you'll find areas for Recent Company Reports and Overdue Reports. You have the ability to hide Overdue Reports entirely or you can opt to snooze particular notices for companies and funds so that they do not appear as overdue until a later date in the future.

To snooze an overdue notice:

  • Go to the Overdue Reports section of your Dashboard and click the heading or "More" to see a complete list of Overdue Reports. This can also be accessed directly on the Overdue Reports tab in the Documents section (or Documents & Reports section for individual account holders).
  • For each company or fund, click the "Snooze" button and select the period of time indicating for how long you'd like to defer the overdue notice, whether it be 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year. And for companies and funds that do not report, you can select 10 years.

Once you snooze an overdue notice, the company or fund will not appear on your Dashboard as overdue until that time period expires and only if an investor update or financial statement has not been recorded and dated within 90 days.

To change the snoozed period of an overdue notice: 

  • Go to the Overdue Reports tab in your Documents section (or Documents & Reports section for individual account holders).
  • Find the company or fund and click the "Snoozed until" button to remove the snoozed period. 

Enterprise Group accounts should take note that overdue and snoozed companies and funds will appear overdue and snoozed for your activated investor accounts as well. 

Learn how to hide all Overdue Reports.

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