How do I add Bulk Transactions?

Enterprise Group accounts can efficiently add multiple transactions all at once using Seraf's Bulk Transactions tool. Quickly record new transactions for any round where a purchase has been made in the past or for an investment fund where capital has been called, and therefore pro rata ownership established. Enter a single bulk transaction and Seraf will automatically create individual transactions for each investor based on the pro rata allocation. You can even modify each entry individually to ensure your transactions are exactly as you'd like them to be. This tool can be used to create note and SAFE conversions, swaps, sales, fees, interest payments, dividends, contingencies, fund distributions, and more.

Keep in mind that Bulk Transactions can only be added if there is already an investment recorded in a company or investment fund. 

To add a Bulk Transaction:

  • Go to a Company record and select the tab for Transactions or Investment. For an investment fund transaction, go to a Fund record and select the tab for Transactions. (Note that this can also be done from the Transactions tab within a Round as well as from Portfolio Management.)
  • Click the Actions button on the top right.
  • Select "Add Bulk Transactions" from the drop-down options.
  • If a company was selected, and the transaction is tied to a specific round, then select the Round from the drop-down list; otherwise skip.
  • Select the Transaction Type from the drop-down list. Based on your selection, a series of additional relevant fields will appear.
  • Enter the Date the transaction occurred or best estimate.
  • Enter as many of the fields as you wish.
  • Enter a Memo with any important notes related to the Transaction. This memo will be added to each individual transaction.
  • Under Investor Allocations, select how you want to enter each investor's share of the relevant transaction.
  • Review the list of investors and allocations. Modify entries as you wish. 
  • Save your entry.
  • Update Calculations for your account.

After adding a Bulk Transaction, you will find a list of all the new entries created as a result on the Transactions tab within a Company, Round, Fund, and in Portfolio Management. There, you can sort for bulk entry or single transaction and edit the entire bulk transaction or each individual transaction. You will also find the individual transactions listed in the Transaction Register (but not the actual Bulk Transaction itself since it's just the tool used to generate the individual transactions).

Note this feature is only available to Enterprise Group accounts.

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