How do I approve an Update?

Once an update has been submitted using a KPI Update Request Link, you'll see the update listed as "pending review/approval" on the company's Updates & KPIs page under the section for Updates. You can also find it listed on the Request Updates tab of the KPIs section. 

To approve an update:  

  • From the Request Updates tab of the KPIs section, click on the date box for the update marked as (pending review/approval) in the Last Update column. Alternatively from within a company record, edit the update by clicking the pencil icon next to it on the Updates & KPIs page.
  • Make any changes, as necessary. Any notes submitted through the form will be private as long as they remain under the Admin - Private section.
  • Save and Publish/Approve to make the Update accessible to all activated investors who have invested in the particular company to which the Update pertains, whether it be directly, through a fund or via another entity.

Note that the value of any portfolio-wide KPIs in pending updates will not be included in aggregate totals for Portfolio KPIs. Only approved Updates count toward the Portfolio KPIs. 

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Note that KPIs and Updates are only available to Enterprise accounts and their members.


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