How to Maximize the Value of Your Seraf Account

To improve your investment outcomes, here are some easy ways to maximize the value of your Seraf Enterprise account. 

  • Check your Dashboard - See a snapshot overview and performance highlights. Gain insight into your current holdings, recent activity, portfolio-wide KPIs, returns and IRR. Check reminders for upcoming important dates along with recent portfolio company investor reports and financial statements, or note those companies overdue for reporting
  • View current investments - For a breakdown of your portfolio, view the cost basis and current value by company and by each round, and if you invest in funds, view the commitments, calls, amount remaining and current value.
  • Record a new or follow-on investment - Keep your portfolio up to date and use the many customizable entry response fields available at the company and round level to keep track of relevant information.
  • Set a valuation - Update the value of your holdings to reflect their current worth. Remember you can set a different valuation for each individual round, including unexercised warrants and options as well as SAFEs and notes that have not yet converted.
  • Record an exit - There are ways to record many different exit scenarios whether it be a gain, loss or future payout. You can even record escrow and contingencies as well as stock swaps and distributions. 
  • View your exits and returns - See how much has been invested and returned, the net proceeds, return multiple, IRR, and any remaining value along with unrealized IRR.
  • Analyze your holdings - Gain insight into your portfolio’s performance, including diversification, growth, annual stats and valuation metrics, while viewing in-depth charts and graphs. Conduct your own custom analysis to address your specific needs. Plus, access key metrics related to your portfolio or fund as well as individual investor metrics to monitor performance across the board.
  • Organize deal documents - Store investment records in one place so you can easily reference and share them with your investors, if you’ve activated investor accounts.
  • Track KPIs by company or portfolio-wideMonitor the performance of portfolio companies with custom key performance indicators to capture and quantify what is important to you.
  • Generate reports - Access your Account Statements for built-in reporting about your portfolio or create Company Updates to report on specific portfolio companies.

For more detail about the features and benefits of your account and how to use them, please see the following guides according to account type:

User Guide for Admins of Enterprise Fund Accounts
User Guide for Admins of Enterprise Group Accounts








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