What does the Custom Analysis tab show in Portfolio Analysis? (for Enterprise Accounts)

The Custom Analysis page, found within Seraf’s Portfolio Analysis section for Enterprise clients, enables you to conduct your own investment analysis using a variety of different filters. Use it to see how your investments stack up and to identify what might be driving your returns.

With this custom analysis feature, you have the ability to see all of your investments, both current and exited, in one place. You can filter for a variety of criteria such as industry, governance, gender, race, sales channel, location, and even date range.

Custom Analysis.png

Find out answers to questions such as, “Do I have better returns when I invest in hardware vs. software companies?” or “What percent of my portfolio is invested in female-led companies?” or “How do my results compare when I invest in location A vs. location B?

The table below the filters provides key metrics with a summary of the filtered results compared to the portfolio as a whole.

Filtered Results .png

You can even export data to access additional fields for further review and analysis off-line. Keep in mind that the results are only as good as the data entered, so be sure to update your Seraf account with more data about each company. Our hope is that understanding the key drivers of success will help you make better investing decisions in the future. 

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