How do I change the Primary Account holder of my Seraf Enterprise account?

To switch ownership of the account, you can just log in as the Primary Account holder and change the email address to the new account manager’s email address in Account Management under the section for Login Information. Keep in mind Seraf requires unique email addresses for every account, so if the new account manager already has a Seraf account, then you'll need to use a different email address, since they cannot be the same. You can then either provide the new account manager with the existing password, or they can request a new password using their email address when they first try to log in.

Please refer the new account manager to Seraf's Help Center and in particular the section for Resources for Enterprise Accounts, so they can get up to speed if they are not yet familiar with Seraf.

Note that if you use notifications for important date reminders or if you subscribe to Seraf's Deal Flow and receive notifications of new applications submitted, the primary account owner will need to update these notifications to include the proper recipient. See the above links for steps to do so.

When you change the Primary Account holder, please email Seraf support with the full name and email address of the new account manager and each individual who should receive our quarterly newsletter with links to your account statement, product features and user tips.

Similarly, if you have a new billing contact, please let us know and email Seraf support

You can always reach out to us with any questions you may have that aren't otherwise addressed in our Help Center. And, if you or any of your team would like additional support, we offer live training sessions.

Learn how to change the Admin of your Seraf Enterprise account

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