How do I change the Admin of my Seraf Enterprise account?

If you need to change the access of a user with administrative privileges to another user, there are 2 things you can do: 

1) Ask the current admin to log in and change the name and email address on the account over to the new contact. This can be done in Account Management. The new contact could then request a new password to have access to the account and set up their own password. [Preferred method]


2) Contact Seraf to remove the current admin’s account. Then the primary account holder can add the new admin and provide him/her with admin access. At this time, clients cannot block or remove an investor or admin without Seraf's assistance for security purposes.

Please refer the new admin to Seraf's Help Center and in particular the section for Resources for Enterprise Accounts, so they can get up to speed if they are not yet familiar with Seraf.

When you change an admin, please email Seraf support with the full name and email address of the old and new admin if either of them should be removed from or added to our quarterly newsletter mailing which provides a link to your quarterly statement as well as new product information, tips and articles for users.

Learn how to change the Primary Account holder of your Seraf Enterprise account.

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