How do I set up my pipeline and deal flow process?

Deal Flow account holders can set up their pipeline and fully customize their deal flow process.

To set up your customized deal flow process:

  • Go to Deal Flow/Settings
  • Click the link to Set up your customized deal flow process.
  • Name your Deal Flow Process. (If you’re a fund customer, your deal flow process will apply to all the funds in your account.) 
  • Click Save and Continue.
  • Next, you’ll see the default stages of your pipeline listed. To customize the stages to match your own process, click the pencil icon to edit, reorder, delete, or add stages. You’ll also have the ability to indicate which stages should be included in your deal flow funnel, or your current / active pipeline, as shown on your Deal Flow Dashboard and Pipeline by adding or removing the word "funnel" as a prefix. A deal flow stage marked as "funnel" will show in the Pipeline pie chart on your Deal Flow Dashboard, while those that are not marked as "funnel" will show in the Prospect Outcomes chart. 
  • Review and customize the process you go through when evaluating a prospective company, by clicking the Custom Settings tab. You may want to revisit this step after you’ve had a chance to set up your application and add a prospect to see how the evaluation works before making any immediate changes to the settings. You can otherwise view the form the fields pertain to and populate by clicking the Add New button and specifying Prospect.

Follow these tips for customizing your deal flow process and application form.

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