How do I edit my deal flow pipeline and process?

Deal Flow account holders can customize their deal flow pipeline and their entire deal flow process to suit their needs.

To edit your deal flow process:

Edit Deal Flow Stages (the Options section shows the stages of your deal flow process):

  • Click the pencil icon next to the header for Deal Flow Stage Configuration.
  • Edit, reorder, delete, or add stages in the Value column to suit your process.
  • In the Key column, indicate whether a deal flow stage is part of your deal flow funnel, or your ACTIVE Pipeline, by adding or removing the word "funnel" as a prefix. A deal flow stage marked as "funnel", for example "funnel-new", will show in the Pipeline pie chart on your Deal Flow Dashboard, while those that are not marked as "funnel" will show in the Prospect Outcomes chart.

Edit Custom Settings (these are the additional fields that you can use to store information about your review of the investment prospect as the prospect moves through the stages of your deal flow process):

  • Click the Custom Settings tab to modify the fields that are added to the prospect profile to help evaluate the opportunity.
  • Edit, reorder, require, hide or add fields.

Edit Name of Deal Flow Process:

  • Click the Edit tab to change the Name of your Deal Flow Process.

Follow these tips for customizing your deal flow process and application form.

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