Tips for customizing your deal flow process and application form

Seraf’s deal flow tools allow for a lot of customization by editing existing fields, hiding fields, making fields required, changing the order, and adding custom fields. Following are some tips for Deal Flow account holders to customize their deal flow process and application form. 

  • Drag to reorder fields by moving them up or down.
  • Organize fields under Sections, which serve as headers, to break down the page by grouping similar fields together.
  • Add custom fields to match your exact deal flow and application process. 
    • In order for custom fields to map appropriately between the deal flow process and the application form, be sure to add the exact custom entry to each one. For example, if you add a new custom industry to your Deal Flow Process, you need to also add it to the Application Form as well in order for the response to map correctly.

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