How do I edit a deal flow application form?

Deal Flow account holders can set up a custom application form to share with prospect companies. 

To edit an application:

  • Go to Deal Flow/Settings
  • Click the name of the application form you'd like to edit. 
  • Click the Edit tab to change the Name, the Fund(s) to which it applies (if relevant), the Expiration Date, Status, Logo, Title, and Instructions
  • Click the Form Settings tab to edit your application form questions, confirmation message and email notifications. Click the tabs within this section for additional editing and customization.
    • Questions tab:
      • Customize your application form by editing, reordering, deleting, or adding fields (Questions). 
      • Edit the section headers and fields within, as well as reorder them to suit your specific application process. You may also make each item required and, with the exception of the Prospect Name field, hide any item.
      • Add/edit custom fields for entry. We suggest grouping fields under a section to help organize your information visually. 
      • Click the "Edit" link beside any entry to re-label or make other customizations. Depending on the type of question, you may be able to add help text, set the minimum and maximum length of text fields, and further customize the appearance of questions.
      • Note that individual questions may be "mapped" to fields in your Deal Flow Process and the Company record, if you decide to invest. These entries, such as industry, contact, and address, will be copied automatically to the corresponding fields. 
    • Confirmation tab:
      • Edit the confirmation text an applicant will receive upon submitting the form. We recommend thanking them and sharing information about next steps and timing.
    • Email Notifications tab:
      • Add/edit email addresses for those recipients who should receive notification when a submission of the form has been made. Further customize as needed.

NOTE: Application forms can be edited any time, but deleting them will result in deleting all submissions as well. If you no longer wish to use an application, you can archive it to preserve the submissions in your pipeline. 

Follow these tips for customizing your deal flow process and application form.

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