How can I analyze my portfolio?

Seraf provides in-depth analytics through over a dozen insightful charts and graphs to provide a visual of your performance. Here's a brief description of what you'll find in each of the different sections of Portfolio Analysis. Click the relevant tab for additional detail about the analytics you'll find and what they mean.

  • Diversification - visually shows the cost basis and the current value of your investments by entity and by industry as a percentage of your whole portfolio.
  • Portfolio - provides insights into the growth of your portfolio over time by showing cost basis, returns, current value, unrealized IRR, exit outcomes, and investments by round number. 
  • Annual Stats - visually shows you how your portfolio has changed from year to year with investment and returns data per calendar year. 
  • Valuations - displays current valuations of your company and fund investments, along with methodology, multiple of cost basis, and the unrealized IRR.
  • Key Metrics - provides the critical information necessary to understand the value and performance of your portfolio and compares it to the S&P500.
  • Custom Analysis - allows you to conduct your own analysis to see how your investments stack up and to identify what might be driving your returns by applying filters to narrow down results. (Enterprise only)
  • Investor Metrics - provides a summary of the amount invested, returned, current value, IRR and unrealized IRR by investor (for Enterprise Group accounts) and the capital committed and called, investment amounts and fees, distributions, NAV, DPI, RVPI, and TVPI, as well as sources and uses of cash and a J-curve graph (for Enterprise Fund accounts).

Keep in mind that to get the most value from these charts and graphs, you need to have some age to and activity within your portfolio. As your portfolio grows over time, you'll start to see real insights, especially as you start recording exits. 

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